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This post is inspired by Tni LeBlanc  who wrote about getting a steal of a deal  in real estate today   In her post she suggested that HGTV might want to take this one up….

So I have a proposal for HGTV – Let’s create  a show entitled The Real Estate For Robber Barons Challenge   By turning it into a competition we can create criteria for the best Robber Baron.  Think competition like Design Star with the ruthless cut-throat edge of The Apprentice.

Each week contestants need to find a distressed seller who is willing to sell their home for a fraction of its actual value.  The ability to achieve this is based on  the contestant’s capacity to con  the seller to ignoring  the basic principles of mathematics,  common sense  and their own best interests.  The contestant  then creates almost instant profits  via the the slum Lord route or by flipping for an obscene profit. This is all done with minimal seed money that the contestants saved in a cookie jar over a period of six months.

The contestants need a suitable mentor figure…so I have chosen  the Fabulous Fab himself – Fabrice Tourre of Goldman Sachs fame to host the show each week.  He gained notoriety during the financial crisis of 2008 when he claimed to be  selling financial products to “widows an orphans that he met at the airport”  that were “pure intellectual masturbation…which nobody knows how to price.”

Bonus points would be awarded for the following:

Throwing a real estate agent under a bus.
Throwing a seller under a bus.
Throwing a buyer under a bus.
Throwing another contestant under a bus gives contestants immunity from elimination in the next episode.

The Take Home Message:
Greed is good. Poor people are losers. Making a fortune is easy,  fun and anyone  who just wants to get rich.   And of course, just  like the the 3 AM infomercial we all have the capacity to do this in our spare time with nothing but our loose change.

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