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Yonkers NY Waterfront

Yonkers NY Waterfront - People At Play....

About 10 days ago I had about an hour to spare – so I grabbed the camera and spent some quality time on the Yonkers Waterfront.  After writing about the Science Barge and my new feathered friends, I thought it was time to share the waterfront photos.  The area is the southernmost  part of the River Walk that is being built along the Hudson from Peekskill to the Bronx border.  Eventually it will be a contiguous walk.  The views of Manhattan were pretty amazing even though it was hazy and hot – and that little girl in the last photo was obviously having a great time…

The Manhattan Skyline from the Yonkers NY Waterfront

Yonkers NY Waterfront – The George Washington Bridge


Yonkers NY Waterfront – People At Play….

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