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July 27, 2011
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July 30, 2011

If a lockbox could talk – they would probably have a lot to say for themselves.  They know that they are more than just a pretty face adorning your front door.  They understand that most sellers  don’t fully appreciate them, but they don’t mind.  They know that if you understood what they do -you appreciate them more.   After all – they look like a simple mechanical device – but a lock box is much more than that.  A lock box increases the flow of buyers through your home and  it is an indication to agents and buyers that you are serious about selling your home.

Nothing is more irritating to a busy buyers agent who has  multiple showing tours every day  than finding   a notation that they have to go and pick up keys at the brokerage – and return them once they are done.  This wastes an enormous amount of time and gasoline and throws a major monkey wrench into a carefully planned tour that may have taken a couple of hours to set up.  Unless the home is a must-see, if the schedule is tight – I will drop the home from my tour.  Does that sound harsh?  It isn’t.

Picking up keys  turns a process that should involve one trip into three trips – which includes parking, meters, and perhaps a parking structure with an elevator.  It is a needless waste of time, money and gasoline.

Why do sellers and agents shoot themselves in the foot like this?  Privacy should not be an issue because showings are subject to appointments.  Security shouldn’t be glitch either since the new lockboxes require a “key” that licensed agents pay a pretty penny for.  So why create barriers for showings  for no good reason?

There are reasons why some agents prefer to have the keys picked up at the brokerage.  I’ve never heard any that actually hold water and for the most part the “real” reasons are for the  benefit of the agent and the brokerage – not the seller.   Be skeptical of an agent who really wants to “control” the listing in this way.  An exception to this rule would be a high end property that has many valuables on the premises.  In that case the showings might have to be accompanied – and for good reason.  But that is the rare exception to the rule.

A seller might get away with this in a few parts of our market where inventory isn’t that soft.  But I’m seeing this in places where theres 14 months of overhang. It just seems surreal  that an agent or  seller  would erect  roadblocks  to showings when there is enough competing inventory out there to sink the Titanic.

So use a lockbox – and be kind to it.  You lockbox  knows its job – and they  have a tremendous work ethic – they are on duty 24/7 for you until your home is sold.

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