FASNY and Gedney Farms – What is the bottom line for home values?

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July 29, 2011
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August 3, 2011

Recently, I’ve posted several posts on the issue of the French American School of New York and their  purchase of the Ridgeway Golf Club.   Previously many of the home owners in Gedney Farms enjoyed the wonderful vista of golf course views from their back yards.  Most bought their homes with the understanding that should the golf club disappear, the local zoning was for very low-density housing . Now FASNY wants to build a major campus for 1200 students on the grounds.

Below is the proposed plan.  The community is a relatively high-end community – though not extravagantly high-end by Westchester standards.   It is a quiet neighborhood with no traffic lights and two-lane roads that have no sidewalks. A large private school has bought the property and is seeking to build a campus for 1200 students – plus faculty and staff.  The zoning for said facility is not in place and requires a special permit from the City Council.

I am on record as being against the project for several reasons – which I will go into in more depth in future blogs.  However, the school is attempting to build a case that much of what they are doing will increase property values for people whose back yards abut the ball fields and parking lots.  I have dealt with many buyers over the past (nearly six) years as an agent – and I have found that things like baseball fields, dugouts and parking lots abutting back yards to be extremely challenging – if not immediate deal killers.   I would be curious as to the opinions of the public on this issue.  There are roughly 45 homes in the direct line of fire.

To that end – I have posted a simple survey that will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Just click here to take the survey.  

Thank you for your participation.

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