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August 8, 2011
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August 15, 2011

These are photos that I took at Manor Park in the summer of 2009 – It was a beautiful summer day – hot but dry and I had my pal Jade with me.  I’m checking out a new video program as my program of choice – Animoto has such poor customer service that I have been forced to move on. I loved the way they put stills together into a terrific slide show that was really over-the-top.  It was easy to use and fun to work with.  But it didn’t play nicely with Word Press on the internet explorer  browser – which 80% of my clients appear to use.   Their customer service refused to address this issue  and then wanted a nice stiff fee to upgrade service to professional.  That would be fair enough if they would FIX what is wrong.   Why would I do that if 80% of my readers have a hard time viewing the videos?   So now I’m trying something new…Hope you like it.   This is my first attempt with this slide show – so forgive the lack of polish…Manor Park is terrific.  A wonderful place to spend some time taking in the boats the water and the general scenery.

Meanwhile – note to Animoto – fix your system before you try to strong-arm money out of people.  You’ll find that if you twist arms for money without providing any service – you will be sorely lacking in customers.   Animoto had a great platform – but it needs to work on all browsers or chasing people for money won’t work.


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