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Tarrytown NY - Train stationToday I found myself on the River Walk with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time in Tarrytown.  Sadly, my photos on the River didn’t work out because my camera was on the wrong setting.  However, on my way home I decided to check the progress on the Tarrytown Train Station.

The Train Station is just steps away from the new development  Hudson Harbor – a new luxury condo development that is selling very well.  The renovation at the train station has been part of bigger project to revive the river front.  Various development projects have been springing up along the Hudson including the River Walk which is meant to run along the Hudson River from the northern tip of Westchester County in Peekskill – all the way to the border of the Bronx in Yonkers.   You can see my photos of the Yonkers portion of the River Walk as well as the some pictures I took of the Tarrytown River Walk earlier this year.

The Tarrytown Train Station was definitely in need of some TLC – and I love what they have done to the interior.  Reminds me of a turn-of -the -century train station.

Tarrytown NY - 10591 - Train station

People often ask me – what do you look for in a neighborhood.   One thing I look for is capital investment.  Right now the Hudson River water front in Tarrytown and nearby Sleepy Hollow are showing signs of new life.  Two major housing developments – Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown and Ichabod’s Landing in Sleepy Hollow – along with the River Walk and the renovation of the train stations represents a fundamental investment from  both the private and public sectors.  Reclaiming an area like that from industrial to residential/light commercial is a vital step forward in restoring the River Front on the Westchester Side of the Hudson River.  So this is more than just a ho-hum train station.  Its a symbol of revitalization.  Mind you, Tarrytown was  a very vital area to begin with – which makes all the activity all the more positive.  All of this investment is a big, big plus for the area.

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