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There are times when you see a store front and you know that you just have to stop by because its just too cool for words!   Ok – so I’m dating myself by invoking coolness, but I can’t help it.   Everything in Recologie  is made of recycled material. Often when we think of recycled purchases we have a sense that we are doing something for the “greater good” that involves some form of sacrifice  – generally in the form of style.  Not so here.  Everything in this store is top-of-the-line, unique, and cheesy is definitely not allowed.   I spent some time photographing the merchandise and I admit I went a bit overboard on the bags.  They sell far more than that in the store -but the bags were so amazing I couldn’t stop.   Be sure to stop by some day, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy  the video!

Recologie is located at 1934 Palmer Ave (at the corner of Larchmont Ave.)  – 914-315-1535 –  Click here for

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