Chocolations of Mamaroneck NY celebrates its first birthday

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September 27, 2011
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Chocolations - Mamaroneck NY 10543Mamaroneck NY has been growing in leaps and bounds when it comes to boutiques, fine dining and specialty shops.  Among some of the newcomers to the area is Chocolations – located on East Boston Post Rd in Mamaroneck.  In fact they just had their first birthday this week!

Congratulations Chocolations and Maria Valente for having a successful first year!    I had heard the “buzz” about Chocolations  for months –  filled with specialty chocolates – it is Westchester’s own  chocolate factory.    I admit to being more than a tad worried about venturing into such an establishment.  We all have our weaknesses.  For some its alcohol – for me its chocolate.  So it seemed inconceivable that I would manage to leave without gaining at least 10 lbs!

It was well worth the trip.  The chocolate creations were very special – almost too special to consume…. which kept my chocolate tooth in check.  I was really quite amazed at what I would call chocolate “art” and chocolate “construction”.   I did indulge in one espresso truffle which was absolutely marvelous.

Taking photos of chocolate is something of a challenge, but some of these turned out quite well.  The photo of the football complete with the “Wilson” logo is really quite special.  I came away with the feeling that in the right hands, chocolate could be molded in to just about anything.

Chocolations - Mamaroneck NY 10543

Chocolations - Mamaroneck NY 10543

While I was there – I happened to walk in a  their Friday cupcake decorating and face painting session.  The kids were obviously having a wonderful time and it truly is a great activity for youngsters of all ages as well as great way to start to the weekend!

Chocolations - Mamaroneck NY 10543 The shop itself is open and inviting and you can see the chocolate being made – which is  a wonderful treat.   You can sit and relax  and enjoy a cup of coffee or ice cream  as well as baked goods – and of course chocolate.

Location:  607 East Boston Post Rd –  Mamaroneck NY – 10543
Website Link:
phone: 914-777-3600

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