Beat The Odds: Five Easy Tips For a Better -Showing House This Fall

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Many home sellers think that selling their home in the fall and winter puts them at a disadvantage.  In years past, this may have been true, but I have been noticing fairly strong buyer activity this fall.    The seasonality of the real estate market has been less marked in recent years.  Further,  the confusion with the debt ceiling and the issues plaguing Europe derailed many buyers plans over the summer.   Many responded to the uncertainty in the general economy by making the decision NOT to make a decision….which in reality is a decision.  But some of these buyers are back in the market again – making for a more active fall market than usual.

Just because it isn’t spring, it doesn’t mean that staging should be neglected and curb appeal is still key.  So the following post by Marie Graham – my Ninja Stager -offers up some great tips sellers staging their homes for the fall market.



Beat The Odds: Five Easy Tips For A Better-Showing House This Fall

By Marie Graham – Home Stager.

Many people think  the housing market shuts down Thanksgiving til December 31st.

The reality of school schedules, and the pressures of these falls holidays are the most common reasons behind the mindset. While activity levels might have a steep drop off, I do not belive people stop thinking about it, or that buyers stop looking, either.  In our market, different cultures abound:  not everyone has kids, or observes the Hallmark holidays.

There are several advantages to being ready to show in the fall. There are not as many properties on the market, so motivated sellers who have their house on the market-clean and ready to show will have the full attention of agents, and  motivated buyers I like the sound of that, don’t you?

Mortgage rates are still low, and the atmosphere is a little less super-charged. Again, this could bode well on many levels. But you have to be ready.


Staging should never be considered a silver bullet.  There are too many things beyond a stagers’ control that would factor into getting your house sold (pricing, marketing, pricing, qualifying buyers, pricing, maintaining a showable house), but your house being ready counts for a lot.

While we still have some nice days in front of us, here are five quick, simple, easy and inexpensive things you can do now so your house will show well this fall:


1.  Buy a simple, classic new welcome mat. Nothing cute, or overly personal. WELCOME works fine. Also-paint the front door. In this area, deep barn red is very popular. I may be prejudiced (I love purple) but I think it goes great in this photo-fresh and contemporary.  ALWAYS  work with what goes with the house.  Look around your neighborhood,  and when in doubt go classic.


2. New bulbs in fixtures. Especially outdoor. Up the wattage, make sure they are new,   of matching wattage, and of the same type of light -i.e.  just because you have them in the house,  don’t have a mix of soft white and bright white.


3. Add seasonal color.  Even the most amazing bunch of impatience is oddly inappropriate after Labor Day.  Clear them out-brightly colored mums and ornamental cabbage is the way to go.


4. Keep yard maintained. Just because prime growing season is over,  don’t slack off.  Keep walkway clear, lawn mowed, beds edged and leaves raked.   Have the house with the lush, emerald green lawn showing.

5.  Remove all the detrius of summer: Cobwebs, sticks on the roof, things growing out of gutters. Make sure gutters are attached to roof securely, and clear.

Fall can turn into winter quickly in this area. Clogged, and badly attached gutters become heavy with wet leaves, then frozen solid when the temperature drops. “BEST” case they can pull away from the house, “WORST” case they can lead to the formation of ice dams, and cause internal leaks/damage. Either way, you do not  want to mess with this in November.

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