Small Business Saturday – Stores to visit in Tarrytown NY

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Small Business Saturday – Stores to visit in White Plains NY
November 22, 2011
Shopping Westchester
Small Business Saturday – Stores to visit in Larchmont & Mamaroneck
November 26, 2011

This is my second installment on Small Business Saturday.  Small businesses are the bedrock of our community and I’m thrilled to see that the small brick and mortars are getting some attention because Black Friday has largely become a big-box affair.   To see my first entry on small businesses  in White Plains  NY click here. You will also find more information about why small business is so important to a community.   Marie Graham also wrote a very eloquent post about the value of small business and why we should skip Black Friday and make Small Business Saturday rock.

Here are a few picks for the village of Tarrytown.   in general  Tarrytown NY has done a good job of keeping their small brick and mortars  as a dominant feature.  As a result it is a very unique village with a great deal of character and personality. The three main stores are located on Broadway (Route 9) about a block south of the main drag on Main Street whereas Coffee Labs Roasters is right in the center of town on Main Street.

Bark & Meow:

Bark & Meow is celebrating 5 years in Tarrytown. Located just a half block south of Main Street – it is easy to get to, but easy to miss if you don’t know that its there.  They have very unique products for dogs and cats including adorable collars and coats, rain jackets.  It also has a wonderful supply of dog and cat food at reasonable prices.  I’ve seen stores in other locations charging far more.  The photos below are nice stocking stuffers for both pet lovers and pets.  The dog biscuits might even tempt a human, the ornaments are terrific and that wallet makes an amazing gift.

Also if you are in the market for a dog bed – they have the best beds around.  I have a 3 large dogs that were trashing about one bed every six months.  I bought one of these large beds about 18 months ago and it is looks like it did the day I brought it home! Yes, you pay a premium , but by the time this bed wears out – I would have gone through about 20 “bargain beds.” The variety of fabrics is also awesome – so see my blog on Bark & Meow Dog Beds if you are in the market for some comfy seating for your canine.


Also on the same block as Bark & Meow – Whimsies is something of a Tarrytown institution…and with good reason.  I admit to being a bit nervous about going in.  I was afraid I would drain my bank account because of all the wonderful things I kept hearing.  It certainly is a temptation, but there is something quite literally for every price range.  From soup to nuts, you can buy some amazingly high end items or some simple stocking stuffers. The pictures below show a range from luxury soap as stocking stuffers to some very unique clocks and tiles for the home.  Sometimes indulging in a luxury item can add some punch  and change the character of an entire room.  Those clocks would be a show stopper in any kitchen as would a couple of the designer tiles added to a backsplash.  Stagers and decorators most love this store because it has an amazing variety of things that would  add  that extra “pop” to a carefully designed room.  Whimsies has a sign out that they are fully participating in Small Business Saturday.


Whimsies Tarrytown NY



Baby Chic:

Baby Chic is a new boutique/consignment shop for babies and toddlers.   It is located just across the street from Whimsies and has on-site parking. Lest you think this is cut -rate – guess again. They have mostly brand new items with the tags still on them.  What better way is there for getting everything you could hope for for your baby or toddler without emptying your wallet?  This is certainly a store that delivers bang for your buck Some of the clothing is nothing short of exquisite.  The store has two side-kicks in the form of  baby Isabella and their mascot – Bella – a very mellow and relaxed Samoyed.  A true family business.  Baby Chic is offering 25% off for Small Business Saturday – so you get a discount on top of a bargain.


Coffee Labs - Tarrytown NYCoffee Labs:

After all that shopping, most people will need to recharge their batteries.  There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee or a latte help give me a lift.  Coffee Labs roasters  is a very unique coffee shop that also roasts their own coffee.  Enjoy your latte and relax for a while and recharge your batteries!  Located right next to the Tarrytown Music Hall, Coffee Labs is on the main drag of Main St. just off of Route 9.


So …..everyone get out and shop local for Small Business Saturday – the local brick and mortars give a great deal to your community and they deserve your patrongage.

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