From Old Listing to Sold Listing!!

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December 12, 2011
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December 15, 2011

These days no listing appointment is complete without a discussion about “staging”.  Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran concurs that staging is no longer an option, but a necessity.  For selling your home in Westchester,  I couldn’t agree more.  You are no longer dealing with an option – buyers expect to see a furnished, peaceful space.   In this market buyers have nothing BUT choices.  Selling your home is going to be  a challenge no matter HOW LONG it takes.  Your home does need to stand out.  but that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank.

Ninja Stager -Marie Graham shoes what can be done  with a little paint and strategic furniture placement – she transformed a condo from ho-hum to wow!  The unit had languished on the market for a year – but after staging sold in a month. 

Hope you enjoy this post – and that it helps you understand that staging doesn’t have to be a money pit – and the money you do send could be money in the bank. 

All the best!


From Old Listing to Sold Listing!!

December 10th, 2011

Over the summer I got a call from someone who found me online from my blogging here, and on ActiveRain.  Her empty condo had been languishing on the market,  a year with little traffic and no offers, how would this thing called Staging work for her?

We spoke, and agreed to meet and see the space. Unusual space: old hotel converted into condos in recent years. New kitchen/baths, newish neutral carpet. Nice space, good light, but not a standard or expected floor plan. It had also been recently painted linen white, top to bottom.





Paint a color, and bring furniture in to demonstrate how this unusual space could be used was my recommendation.


Getting furniture was not an unexpected suggestion, but PAINT???  That made no sense, it was just painted!  

I was ‘stubborn’  and insisted, and in the end we ‘negotiated’ getting the open kitchen/LR/Dining area and Master BR painted.

Used BM Affinity #AF-90, Harmony. It’s a warmer pinky-beige that tonally agreed with the carpet, as well as the background colors of the counter top.

After comparing pricing… and level of hassle, my client  actually bought it furniture she wouldn’t mind owning, but wouldn’t mind selling to the new owner, either.  I did the floor plan, chose the pieces; we went shopping and she got my  trade discount. Here are the new pics.






I  knew the house got an AO shortly after in went on the market, but was waiting on my client to be in touch next. 

Got this testimonial for my site update along with the good news by  email this morning:

The Refreshed Home and Marie Graham helped me sell my condo in 3 weeks.  It had been on the market for a year with little activity. Three weeks after it was fully staged I had an accepted offer and we closed 6 weeks later.

Marie was easy and cheerful to work with. She was able to guide me with paint colors, selection, proportion and layout of furniture for a small challenging space.

Her ability to pull several elements of a room together and be thoughtful about my budget was invaluable.

Thank you so much for your creativity and excellent service Marie!

~ Robin O.

WOO-HOO! How neat is that, to be able to go into the holiday season with this behind you, and start the new year fresh?? 

This is what I do, help properties stand out and get sold. If you have a listless listing, let’s talk soon. Life is too short to just be waiting around for things to happen!


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