Fotos on the Fly – NYC Skyline from Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY

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One of the most exciting new construction developments is Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY.   I’m not normally a big fan of modern architecture, but I have to say that I really love the construction of this complex with its use of fieldstone and old wood beams.  They made it look like Stone Barns which is quite an accomplishment.  But what really makes its special are the views.

So after we saw the development, I went for a walk on the RiverWalk that runs right behind the complex.  (The complex – now in Phase II is right on the river.) and took some photos.  Basically I started with a wide-angle lens and moved to  a tele photo.

The first picture is of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  The Manhattan skyline can be faintly seen under the bridge with the wide angle. The second picture was with a zoom lens – it gives you a perspective of where the Manhattan skyline is in relation to the TZ bridge.  The final was when I zoomed in on the skyline itself.  I’ve taken photos from this perspective before, but it was such a clear – if blustery  day, that the skyline really “popped” particularly with the color of the sky.

Hope you enjoy these – they were fun to take.

Hudson Harbor Tarrytown NY - RiverWalk


NYC Skyline from Tarrytown NY Hudson Harbor



NYC Skyline - Tarrytown NY - Hudson Harbor

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