Westchester Events – Hudson River EagleFest – Feb. 4, 2012

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Yes, I know – everyone is gearing up for the Superbowl. But there are many who would like to share in outdoor activities this weekend.

For the past 8 years the Hudson Valley has celebrated the renewed presence and vibrancy of our national bird  in the Hudson Valley.  Many are too young to remember, but in the 1970s the American bald eagle was an endangered species.  Now they are thriving and I have witnessed their presence on more than a couple of occasions.  The photo at the right is one I took at Kingsland Point Park about a year ago.  Apparently, the majestic soul in the portrait was watchful but not fearful of me or my telephoto lens….But the photo shows that my presence did not pass unnoticed…he was well aware of me and watching my every move – with his eagle eye!

This post is more than a bit tardy – and for that I apologize.  The bus tour is sold out. However, there are still ways to participate and learn more about some of our most majestic birds of prey.

The event is hosted by the  but the epicenter is at Croton Point Park – There are many ways to participate:


Eagle Theater Schedule:

  • 10 AM, 11AM & 12 PM –  Close Encounters with Wintering Eagles and Owls
  • 1 PM, 2 PM  – Exclusively Eagles
  • 3PM – Flight of the Raptors

Advance Ticket sales are $5.00/person and $10/person when purchased at the door.


Eaglet Stage Schedule:

These shows are free of charge!

  • 9 AM – Eagle Identification Tips
  • 10:30 AM & 2:15 PM – Jonathan Kruk – Master story teller
  • 12 PM – Teatown Birds of Prey Program
  • 12:45 – Physics of Flight – Beyond Feathers
  • 1:30 – Birding Optics

Additional eagle viewing sites along the Hudson River…

Each area is staffed by eagle experts with spotting scopes.

  • Croton Boat Ramp at Croton-Harmon Train Station
  • George’s Island Park – Montrose
  • Riverfront Green Park – Peekskill
  • Kathryn W. Davis Riverwalk Center – Sleepy Hollow
  • New Croton Dam – Cortlandt
  • Bear Mountain State Park Trailside Museums & Zoo.
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