Fotos On the Fly – Larchmont NY – Early Spring in Manor Park

Tarrytown Victorian with Spring Buds
Fotos on the Fly: Tarrytown Victorians & Blossoms….
April 14, 2012
Wisteria on Victorian House in Tarrytown NY
Fotos on the fly: Tarrytown NY spring blossoms
April 23, 2012

It was one of those days where the weather wouldn’t make up its mind and neither could I.  I wanted to take a walk and take some photos, but would it pour?  I finally took a chance on a stroll through Manor Park in Larchmont NY.  In the full bloom of summer, Manor Park  in Larchmont literally is alive with color while small boats dot the landscape on the Long Island Sound.  The feel was different that day with the cloudy sky and the water and rocks somewhat forbidding.  But the blossoms were peeking out and signs of renewal were pretty much everywhere.  People were out, walking their dogs and climbing on the rocks.  I even photographed a family of five walking their Havanese through the park.  (I won’t publish those pictures without permission – so these landscapes will have to do!)  Hope you enjoy them.


Larchmont NY - Family Enjoying Manor Park on LI Sound



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