Fotos on the fly: Tarrytown NY spring blossoms

Larchmont Manor Park - LI Sound - Spring Buds
Fotos On the Fly – Larchmont NY – Early Spring in Manor Park
April 15, 2012
Fotos On the Fly: Downtown White Plains – “The City in the Park”
April 25, 2012

As the soaking rains of Sunday showed us – spring blossoms can be here today, gone tomorrow.  So I was out taking a lot of photos last week.  So bring on the backlog!   I haven’t even been able to sort through them all. While shopping in Tarrytown, NY I took a shortcut.  When I saw this Wisteria trained to grow around a wraparound porch – I stopped my car and grabbed the camera.

It really looked like something from a bygone era where people sat outside on the porch at night and enjoyed a glass of lemonade.  Here are two versions of the same shot – the second uses some artistic filters from photoshop.    But for need to restock my dog food supply, I would never had seen this while it was blooming.

Home sellers should also take note:  This home comes alive with curb appeal because of the plantings.  If you think that landscaping doesn’t make a difference – think again.  Now, if you are selling your house, you can’t wait years for wisteria to grow around your porch – but there are plenty of other less time consuming solutions.  More on that shortly!

Here are some more blooms for that “spring mood”.

Tarrytown NY in Spring-Victorian House

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