Fotos On the Fly: Downtown White Plains – “The City in the Park”

Wisteria on Victorian House in Tarrytown NY
Fotos on the fly: Tarrytown NY spring blossoms
April 23, 2012
Tarrytown NY- Marina - Tappan Zee Bridge
Fotos on the fly: The Hudson River at Dusk – Tarrytown NY
April 27, 2012

It was a cruel twist of irony that this shutterbug was trapped indoors during the glorious weather last week taking her real estate CE classes.  Though the classes were terrific, weather-wise this would have been a better week to be indoors!   But I was able to take advantage of one of my lunch periods to get some shots of Downtown White Plains in its spring glory.

The White Plains Beautification Foundation is responsible for many of the floral displays that are carefully tended in the downtown area as well as suburban sections.    White Plains has been called “the City in the Park” and although some of the downtown buildup over the past 10 years has tended too much towards the concrete and steel (that’s just one person’s opinion)  you still see the “green” influence throughout the downtown residential areas and business district.  That is not to say that the suburban areas are not similarly graced, but these photos show the contrast between green grass, open spaces vs. concrete, steel and glass.



In this photo you can see White Plains’ Trump Tower in the background.  I seem to always want to tone down the city-feel by surrounding my pictures of high-rise buildings with trees, grass and blossoms or foliage. Of course there are times that I just give in to the power of our tall buildings – but the photo below definitely softens the “Trump Effect”.

Downtown White Plains NY - Trump and Park

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