Fotos on the Fly: The Tappan Zee Bridge on a Cloudy Night…

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Fotos on the Fly: Perigee “Super Moon” – A Preview
May 4, 2012
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May 11, 2012

Early this evening I went in search of photos for a perigee moon.  Of course it was the optimist in me that actually made me believe that with all this cloud cover there might be a picture to take.   But alas, the moon could not been seen through the clouds.  In the end, I wound up on the Hudson River Walk in Tarrytown.   I thought it was a logical place to practice night photography since I know it really  well.  Besides, lately I’ve been obsessed with shooting as many  pictures of the Tappan Zee Bridge as I can –  since it is slated for replacement.  When I got to the river, I saw that the water was like glass and it was reflecting the lights coming from the bridge.

For me the Tappan Zee has always been there, its like a fixture, a permanent part of my memories since childhood.  When  I was little, we used to cross the Tappan Zee Bridge on the way to Lake Mohonk where we spent our family vacation.  Even as a small child, I loved going there and associated the bridge with that trip so much that even at the age of 3 or 4, I got very excited when I saw it from the car.  I know its past its prime and needs to be replaced, but it is sad to see it go….

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