Mother’s Day at the Furniture Sharehouse…

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May 11, 2012
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May 22, 2012

Here’s an idea for a unique mother’s day gift.   Hundreds of families are in real financial trouble.  Since they can barely put food on the table, the result is that they are often eating on the floor.  They can’t even afford the basics in terms of beds, tables, chairs etc.  That’s where the Furniture Sharehouse comes in.  They work with local social agencies and help furnish homes for families in need.   To do so, the have a large network of volunteers that collect gently used furnishing from area residents and store it in one place so a needy family can be matched with appropriate items.

Furniture donations are always welcome, but the Furniture Sharehoue also is in need of funds to coordinate and maintain the nuts and bolts of their work.  So for Mother’s Day you can honor Mom by donating to the Furniture Sharehouse and you can download a card to send to your mother showing what you did!

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