Fotos on the fly – My conversation with a vintage car in Westchester NY

Furniture Sharehouse Hanger at Westchester County Airport
Mother’s Day at the Furniture Sharehouse…
May 11, 2012
The Watercooler - Tarrytown NY
The Watercooler is a cool place to be…
June 2, 2012

Westchester NY  can be a bit like New York City in that you never really know what you are going to see.  I was on a very unassuming street in an almost industrial area.  Hardly the place one would expect to meet a vintage Packard.  But there it was – taking in the bright rays of the sun.    I admit that I was afraid to approach this noble vehicle with my lowly camera.  But the richly colored vintage car was very gracious and accommodating.  Obviously accustomed to the attention that it attracted, the car posed for its photo-shoot without complaint. Polite, confident and elegant and definitely unique.  This car was not just an eye-turner – it had real class.

There are a couple of local  vintage car shows coming up in the area.  One in Mamaroneck, the other in Connecticut. Depending on my schedule, I hope to become acquainted with more elegant cars in the near future.






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