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Curb appeal is not a trivial issue.  Buyers often decide within seconds whether they have any interest in your home at all, and be it rational or not, that’s the reality.

Let’s face it, between photographing homes and selling them, I spend a great deal of time looking at homes.  I spend a great deal of time with buyers who are looking at homes.  After a while you get a feel for what rocks and what flops.  Sometimes less is more and often it just takes a few extra touches here and there to make a home really “pop” in the eyes of a buyer.

Here are a couple of homes that I photographed recently in Gedney Farms.  I didn’t take photos of the entire facade.  I took them to show how some plantings or even simple hanging baskets can add a welcoming feel to a home and really change that first impression from ho-hum to “wow”.


In the photo above, the rambling roses work well  with the strong colors and the informal facade of this home.  They add a welcoming touch that is consistent with the country feel of this house.

Gedney Farms White Plains - hanging baskets

This next house has a completely different style.  Unlike the previous house, this home has a more formal feel and the plantings reflect that formality.  The bushes and hanging baskets fram the archways in this handsome Tudor.  At first blush, I might have thought that the symmetry was over the top, but I feel it really works here.


Finally, you can do this even if you aren’t selling your home.  It issn’t that expensive and it will add to the enjoyment of your own home – and that’s the best kind of improvement that you can make.

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