Fotos On the Fly…and the clouds kept rolling in…

Rolling the dice on trust
Of Vicious circles, virtuous cycles in the agent/client relationship…
June 5, 2012
Tappan Zee Bridge - Tarrytown NY - Westchester Photography
Fotos On the Fly – The Tappan Zee Bridge at dusk…
June 7, 2012

For the last two days I’ve been on the road a great deal in part for real estate and in part for photography.  I keep having the creepy feeling that the same storm just keeps following me around.  Taunting me as a drive.  It always seems to be ready to unleash its fury just as I have to get out of the car or walk somewhere, but then…nothing happens.  Here is a picture of the clouds just rolling in.  Surely they are are going to burst and it is just going to start pouring….or perhaps not.  So far they’ve just been sitting there – ominous and thick.


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