Fotos On the Fly – The Tappan Zee Bridge at dusk…

The storm clouds just keep rolling in.
Fotos On the Fly…and the clouds kept rolling in…
June 6, 2012
White Plains NY Business District
Fotos On the Fly – The White Plains NY Business District
June 8, 2012

A few weeks ago I took a couple of night shots of the Tappan Zee Bridge from Tarrytown NY.  The sky was foggy that night and the river was like glass    One evening about 10 days ago, I found myself  near the same location once again just as the sun was going down. The conditions were different, it was a nice night with some cloud cover, but the river was far more choppy.  So I set up the tripod with the idea of taking several photos  at different shutter speeds and ISO settings as the sun went down.   It was frankly an exercise, but a few of the photos came out really well, and at the risk of being redundant, I decided to post them here today…



Tappan Zee Bridge - Tarrytown NY - Westchester Photography


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