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Yonkers NY Waterfront
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June 13, 2012
Storm clouds in White Plains NY in Spring
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June 15, 2012

Hartsdale NY Train StationWestchester County is served by three train lines:

  • The Hudson Line – (Green)  which hugs the Hudson River and stops in all the river towns such as Tarrytown, Irvington  and Dobbs Ferry.  
  • The Harlem Line (Blue) which goes straight down the middle of the county serving landlocked towns such as White Plains, Scarsdale and Bronxville.
  • The New Haven Line (Red) which serves the Sound Shore area including New Rochelle, Mamaroneck and Larchmont. 


These train lines transport commuters from all over the county to Grand Central Station in mid-town Manhattan.   The power of having a Metro-North stop in your home time is reflected in higher home prices, and a greater resilience to the housing recession.   The towns in lower Westchester with an easy commute, held up better than a town up-county with no train station.

The reason for this disparity is obvious.  With the rising cost of fuel and the heavy congestion on the roadways, having easy access to a Metro-North train station is an obvious plus.  Being able to easily hop a train certainly beats spending hours in traffic burning gasoline as well as your patience.  Also, even if the train station is geographically close by, if it is not located in the municipality in which you reside, parking permits can become problematic.

Tarrytown NY Train Station

For more information on the various train lines serving Westchester check out the following links:

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The New Haven Line

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