Fotos On the Fly: The storm comes rolling in….Tarrytown NY

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Tarrytown NY - Main St

The Village of Tarrytown Before a Summer Storm

One thing I keep hearing over and over again when I read about how people get great photos is simply – ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA AVAILABLE!  Well, I really have to agree on that one.  Last Saturday, we had a big storm moving in.  I knew it was coming, but thought I had a while. In fact, I had a quiet evening at home mapped out rather than taking to the road in what was supposed to be severe weather.  The iPad was charged up as was the phone in case of a blackout.  But I was oblivious to the tornado watches .   But I had been on the road for about 7 hours with photo shoots for other agents and my own buyer clients.  Since I don’t check things like the web or even emails and text messages when I’m working with clients, I had been detached from internet for pretty much the whole day.  So I was disgracefully ill-informed and knew nothing about the tornado watches and the fact that the storm was coming in faster than I thought.  Oblivious to all this – I did what everyone good American woman does when the going gets tough – I went shopping!  I was stopping through my favorite village – Tarrytown and went to Bark & Meow for organic dog food, Coffee Labs for my favorite cup of Joe and a pound of Circus Blend.  Then I realized I had some time grabbed the camera and took some photos as I waited for a dinner order at Lefteries.

WHOA!!! All of a sudden the sky got ominously dark. It had been cloudy all day, but now these huge dark clouds rolled in at remarkable speed creating an eerie purplish dark-blue color that was almost night like.  It LOOKED like tornados were on their way.  Soooooo I was able to capture the scene with my camera because luck favors the prepared.  By then it was looking more than a little creepy and I dove for my car just as the heavens started to open up.  I can attest to the fact that it was SOME STORM and was not surprised to hear that two tornados touched down in New York.  Scary stuff for such densely populated areas, but with global climate change, I guess we will all have to get used to it!

The photo on top is the color version.  A friend of mine suggested black and white – This is the same shot processed without color below.  Both are done with HDR – though the clouds really were that ominous….

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