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October 24, 2012
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October 26, 2012

Here is an activity that will bring out the decorator, weekend warrior and voyeur in just about everyone.   If you are looking to do major home improvements or merely paint or if you are one of those people who always wants to haunt open houses for ideas – this is for you!  Hudson Harbor in conjunction with Westchester Magazine is hosting American Dream Home 2012.

From now until Nov. 11 there will be tours of American Dream Home that will take place Thursday-Sunday. Tickets are available through this link and are FREE.  Designer Susan Anthony has created a treat for the eyes. While you are there, you view the outstanding interior  design/ and finishes and shop at the same time!  The American Dream Home is also an exclusive “pop up shop” where items can be purchased, many of which are not necessarily available at retail locations.

While you are there, please take advantage of the River Walk and all that the area has to offer.  The views are  nothing short of spectacular.

For those who don’t already know, Hudson Harbor is probably the hottest new construction  on the Westchester market right now.  A whole community is being built right on the Hudson River in Tarrytown.  Alongside public investment in the train station, marina and river walk – this is going to be a community that will be a trend-setter for the southern Westchester region for a long time to come. For those looking to purchase a townhouse in the foreseeable future, Hudson Harbor is a wonderful community to consider.

The photos from the slide show below were provided by Westchester Magazine.  The photo above is my own…from the ribbon cutting event last week. There will be more on to follow on this topic later on.  There were several vendors that I would like to put a spotlight on but that is too involved for a single post.  For now, enjoy the show.



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