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November 9, 2012
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November 18, 2012

The other day I was in Larchmont NY – it was 11 days after the storm.  I had steered clear of the area around the Larchmont Manor for fear of just being a thorn in the side of  workers trying to clear debris, cope with flooding and restore power.  You could see the damage surrounding the homes on the waterfront.  Some were quite lucky, others had severe damage.

The photo above was taken of the Long Island sound at very low tide.  It looks so peaceful an quiet.  Hard to believe  that just 11 days ago the water was a menacing surge.  I was able to talk to a resident who was walking along the street and she told me more about the storm surge than I knew myself.  To demonstrate just how serious the surge was for those along the shore – look at the photo below.

Long Island Sound - How big was the Sandy storm surge

So how big was the Sandy storm surge?

Notice the water mark on the pylons.  That water mark – marks the normal high tide level of the water.  The storm surge, according the resident that I met, was 11 feet above the high tide mark!  That’s a truly terrifying amount of water.  As bad as this was, in many ways its amazing that  the damage wasn’t much worse.

Paul Feiner on local infrastructure – Meeting tomorrow night…

Meanwhile – the world has changed.  The weather patterns have changed.  For the few people who still have their heads in the sand after this storm – WAKE UP and smell the coffee perking!!!   Things have changed and we have to adopt and secure our infrastructure or our homes won’t be worth much and businesses won’t locate here. We  have no choice but to start shoring up the infrastructure both on land and in the water.

To that end Paul Feiner of Greenburgh’s town supervisor is having a meeting about the grid and burying the electrical grid next  Monday night (Nov. 19th)  at Greenburgh Town Hall at 7 PM.  This should be of interest to all Westchester residents – not just Greenburgh residents!  For those that say enough is enough with Con Ed – be there!  Let us not forget that Con Ed’s negligence endangered the welfare of the elderly and infirm that were left in the dark and subfreezing temperatures for almost two weeks and  made the Westchester recovery proceed at a glacial pace, impacting businesses and homeowners a like with unnecessary expense and dislocation.

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