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November 20, 2012
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Gift box - Small Business SaturdayWe should all forget Black Friday – that’s big-box day.  Those who care about this country and their local economy should put their emphasis on Small Business Saturday.  The day we celebrate truly LOCAL business.   Local business is important for the local economy and local revenue.  When you shop at a local store almost twice the amount of money recirculates within your local community than in a big-box store.  Further, even more money stays within the US.  Our big-box obsession has been feeding competitors such as China and India – So I say – SHOP LOCAL whenever you can.  Learn to know and appreciate your local merchants.  You don’t need to go into New York City either.  There is plenty of unique and imaginative retail in the Hudson Valley….Here are just a few of my picks…..

Local Gift Shops in Westchester NY:

Whimsies Incognito:

35 South Broadway – Tarrytown NY

From soup to nuts Whimsies pretty much has it all.  Decorative tiles, a wall of birds, clothing, scarves, peanut brittle…well you name it.  Its all unique and all local.  This is a place to go to find things that you simply will never see in a big-box store.


Bark and Meow:

Route 9 South Broadway – Tarrytown NY

The latest and greatest for your pet.  All three of my dogs shop at Bark and Meow for their favorite organic dog food, the occasional toy and their high-fashion collars and leashes.  They don’t do costumes and coats, but because they are Siberian Huskies – their own fur coats are too beautiful and thick for any more cloths.  Its a great place to shop for your pet or  for your friends who are pet-lovers!


Westchester Road Runner:

179 E. Post Rd.  White Plains

For the runner in your life and in us all.  Westchester Road Runner has the finest selection of running shoes and equipment in the County  and perhaps the state. Knowledgable staff are very helpful.  I wear orthotics and my podiatrist sends all his patients there to find the proper shoe for the foot and the orthotic.  There are tons of other offerings to keep the cold out without bulking up the body.  A great place to shop for the holidays.


Carlson’s Floral & Gift:

625 Dobbs Ferry Rd.  White Plains Ny

For holiday arrangements and decorative gifts, there is nothing quite like Carlson’s for the holidays.  Walk into the store and just enjoy.  Candles, Santas, table decorations and of course Poinsettias  galore in all colors and combinations. From white to red to the famous “jingle bells” version. Their arrangements provide the perfect holiday gift for family, friends or for your own home.



1934 Palmer Ave.  Larchmont NY

One of the most unique boutiques in Westchester.  Everything is made of recycled goods.  I’ve seen such items as pocketbooks made out of 35 mm film and candy wrappers.  The amazing thing is that everything is really sharp looking and unique.   Something like this could easily degenerate into the “pet rock” kind of funk, but the selection here really is amazing.  A great place to shop for a totally unique gift that you would NEVER find in a big box store.


Especially For Young People:

The Voracious Reader: 

1997 Palmer Ave. Larchmont NY

For the young reader and the young person in all of us.  Forget for your child and give him or her a reading experience that they will remember for life. There are some things that are best left to bricks and mortar – and selecting the ideal reading material and for allowing young minds to explore and grow – the Voracious Reader beats point-and-click every time.  Stop by.  There are many events and Mom and Dad enjoy some tea and a snack while the young ones explore and grow.


Learning Express Scarsdale & Bedford:

21 Spencer Pl.  Scarsdale NY & 434 Old Post Rd. Bedford, NY

The Learning Express has some unique and educational offerings for the younger set.  They are participating in Small Business Saturday.  Since I don’t have children myself, I have to admit to no personal experience.  But as someone who has been a teacher, it looks like they have some very unique offerings.

Food and Drink:

Mint Premium Foods:

Main St. Tarrytown NY  – Less than a block from the Music Hall

Truth be told, I only fully discovered Mint the night before Thanksgiving.   A friend who was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 6 of us requested some salmon and dark bread as a starter.   I had already been literally body tackled twice in Whole Foods the day before. A supermarket  was not a sane option.   But so many people had been raving about Mint, I figured I would stop by.  It couldn’t have been a smarter move.  While I waited for some of the best salmon I ever had had, I was watching as they were hand preparing platters of food for the next days festivities for a variety of customers.  While I waited they graciously offered me many delicious samples.  It was hard to leave without taking the whole store with me.

Anyway, for a quick bite to eat (there is a restaurant area) after a busy day of shopping, for platters of food and in general very unique offerings – Mint really is  a superb choice.


Coffee Labs:

Main Street Tarrytown NY

Right next to the Music Hall and my hands down favorite for coffee.  I may not be much of a cook, but I’m very particular about my coffee.  A great gift can be a variety pack of interesting blends.  The shop has WiFi and its a great place to relax go only and unwind after a long day of shopping.

Zachys Wine & Liquor:

16 E. Parkway – Scarsdale NY

No list would be complete without Zachys.  I have to admit, I went in there with great trepidation.  I wanted to buy a fine wine for one of my clients who was closing on her Scarsdale home.  But I’m no expert.  They couldn’t have been more helpful and tolerant of my obvious ignorance!  When such a high-end store is that accommodating – it says a great deal.  They found the perfect wine and I even walked away with an amazing bottle of Zinfandel that I shared with friends.


Larchmont Tavern:

104 Chatsworth Ave.  Larchmont NY

For a family meal the LT can not be beat.  After a long day of shopping the whole family needs a break!  The food is good for one and all and there is a real family feel to this restaurant.  I used to eat there with my father who was a “regular” there.  It was always a great experience.



607 East Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck NY

Want the perfect truffle?  How about decorative chocolate for the holidays?  Chocolations has an amazing variety of confections that satisfy the sweet tooth and soothe  the soul.  Chocolate, after all, is the 5th food group for many of us.


Sal’s Pizzeria:

316 Mamaroneck Ave – Mamaroneck NY

Simply the most famous pizza in Westchester – and with good reason!  Nuff said…


Virtually Local:

Don’t want to go out to shop local?  Want to stay home and shop online?  Not to worry.  Here are some home-grown local businesses in the Hudson Valley that are selling virtually.  So you can shop online AND go local at the same time!


The Art of Tranquility.  For those who want to share peace and tranquility with family and friends this is the place to go.  Hand made in the Hudson Valley.  Wonderful scents and simply beautiful packaging.

  • Exotic Bath Crystals
  • Meditation Candles
  • Soy Candles with therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Artisan Soap

Vivere!  Botanicals:

A new line of skin care products with a twist.  The founder, Geraldine Barton, created the skin care line for her personal use to address some challenging skin problems.  These products are of the highest quality and 100% For skin care products – all natural – all organic.  Their tagline is “Its all on the label”. An important point when so much of what we see on labels you need a doctorate in chemistry to understand…..

Mirame – Swimwear:

For those looking to explore warmer climates this winter the Mirame line of swimwear is something to explore.  Yorktown designer Melinda Huff has created swimwear that is both sophisticated and functional while still being sexy.  The entire product is made in the USA – something we rarely see any more.


Jo Jayson Art – Goddess Art & Products:

For spectacular artwork of spiritual and mystical themes, Hudson Valley artist Jo Jayson has a unique set of offerings.

Jo Jayson has a spectacular set of silk scarves that are as beautiful as they are unique.  Prints are also available, but the scarves are truly outstanding.  There are also chakra essences and  candles.


The Refreshed Home:

Looking to shake things up a bit in your home?  Need  some insight as to how to manage clutter?  Thinking of selling your home and looking for a stager?  My Ninja stager, Marie Graham has the answers you need.  She can make order out of chaos faster than anyone I have ever seen.  Well worth the investment unless you are a natural in the decorating/design department.  It will save you money in the end by sparing you expensive mistakes.

So there you have it!  Now there is no excuse not to shop local this holiday season!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Fotos On The Fly: 

Shameless plug….I have been working as a real estate photographer and also have a site that is dedicated to local color and landscapes.  For those looking to spruce up their homes with some photos or perhaps have some photos taken of their home or family,  I’m happy to help.  Truth be told, I don’t have a price list up yet, the web site is in its early stages – but if you like what you see,  feel free to contact me.  I’m open to almost anything – within reason of course!  But from post cards, to business cards, to framed prints of various sizes, I am ready to be of help.

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