The view from Washington Heights NYC – Just minutes from lower Westchester…

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August 19, 2013
Downtown White Plains NY- 1 Franklin Ave
Photographing Real Estate – Condo/Coop Exteriors
August 27, 2013

The photo above had meaning for me because it was from my former stomping ground in Washington Heights.  I was looking for specific Hudson River views for a client, but I knew when I was taking photos of the Hudson  that I wanted to get a shot of the GW Bridge from Washington Heights.  I worked at Presbyterian Hospital for several years during the 1990s.  The GW bridge dominated the area which I often think of an interesting combination of pre-war grace and latter day grit.

In any case, the entire project brought to mind how accessible the upper west side is to Westchester residents.  From White Plains, Washington Heights is about a 25 minute drive.  I took the trip daily for several years and it was a genuinely pleasant commute and not at all taxing.  The JOB was very taxing, so a crazy commute would have had me seeking employment elsewhere.  You miss the heavier traffic and the scenery is actually quite pleasant on the Henry Hudson Parkway and the Saw Mill Parkway.  City residents seem to think the commute from Westchester is “too long” really need to look at their individual situation.  Their workplace might be less accessible from some locations in NYC then it would be from Westchester.  So for people thinking of commuting to Manhattan, Westchester is a very desirable alternative – and a cost-effective one for those choking on Manhattan prices.

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