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Downtown White Plains NY- 1 Franklin Ave
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August 27, 2013
Common Spaces in Cooperatives - White Plains NY
Real Estate Photography – Photographing Condos & Coop Common Areas…
August 31, 2013


You can’t think about the Hudson River without thinking about trains and train lines.  Trains and the lower Hudson Valley go hand in hand because the area is just a few miles from mid-town Manhattan.   For Westchester residents, trains are a way of life, and that makes good sense since many residents make the daily trek from their Westchester homes to Manhattan.   Thanks to Metro-North, the trip is quite painless and efficient.

People who turn their noses up at commuting to Manhattan from Westchester  are denying themselves a far more affordable  (and upscale) lifestyle that can be had for a very minimum of inconvenience.  Metro-North is nothing like the subway.  The 30 minutes I spent on the Metro-North train when I commuted to Manhattan were among the most productive of my day.  When I was teaching, I corrected papers.  When I was doing laboratory research, I would bring a journal article to read on the train.  I was that much ahead of the curve by the time I pulled into White Plains (a major Harlem Line stop).

The Hudson Line – (or the green line) that runs along the river has the added bonus of providing its riders excellent views of the Hudson River to begin and end their work day.  Many friends of mine who make the commute on this line tell me that they look forward to it as a time to decompress.  And the views of the Hudson are a big part of that experience.

This photo was taken at Scenic Hudson Park in Irvington at dusk.  The train passing by was photographed using a slow shutter speed and the New York City skyline was brightly lit to the south as if opening its arms to welcome the train to its last stop on the line, Grand Central Station.  It is said that the New York City never really sleeps.  Well, Westchester has its own dynamic as well.  It is alive and kicking long after dark, as this photo clearly shows.

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