Fotos On The Fly – Photographing outdoor spaces in NYC

Grand Entry from the balcony
Fotos On The Fly – Making A Grand Entrance – Part 2
September 11, 2013
Slide Show Screen Shot
Fotos On The Fly – real Estate Photography – slide shows & video – less is more…
September 27, 2013

I was in NYC meeting a friend that had just moved back from Europe.  She was renting an apartment on the upper west side and was just in fact moving in.  The unit that she moved into actually had outdoor space.  Granted you had to go out through a low hanging window, but who cares about that? Outdoor space in Manhattan is as rare as hens teeth and if space is at a premium in Manhattan, outdoor space is like finding a room made out of solid gold.

In truth, I hadn’t planned on taking any photos that afternoon and evening.  I brought the camera because I had been on a shoot for work prior to going downtown and I didn’t want to leave all of my equipment in the car. So I came with my camera body and my two most expensive lenses.   It was fortunate that I had the camera because I was treated to a late afternoon/early evening “show” of urban landscape on my friend’s balcony.  The result was several interesting shots from an “on high” perspective.

Although I wasn’t thinking about real estate when I took the photos.  It has occurred to me that many real estate photographers and agents ignore the views.  They are so focussed on the “space” and the square footage that people are purchasing, that they forget something that is the first thing we are taught in real estate school:  Real estate is location, location, location.  Well, if the space is not put in the proper context of its location, it can be harder for a perspective buyer to place a value on it.  A great view makes a world of difference, even if there is no outdoor space involved.  Getting the “location thing” down by providing the proper context should be on the short list of the real estate photographer’s tasks.

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