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Upper West Side - New York City
Fotos On The Fly – Photographing outdoor spaces in NYC
September 22, 2013
Porch - Gedney Farms White Plains NY 10605
Fotos On The Fly: The view from the front porch…
October 5, 2013

I’m sure that every agent worth their license has been hearing that good photography helps to sell a home.  This, I know to be true as someone who was a real estate agent before morphing into a photographer.   Buyers pour over photographs and will reject a perfectly suited home sight unseen if the photography is not up to snuff.  I have had to drag people kicking and screaming  to listings that I knew were perfect for them because they were turned off by poor photography.

The jury is still out to some extent on the value of video.  Although I will be upgrading my systems to include video, I do believe that with respect to video, less is definitely more.  I also think that a simple slide show of still photos can be quite effective.   One thing is certain, if the video is too long, buyers will lose interest and move on to something else. I don’t care how wonderful the property, the attention span of the American public has become shorter and shorter thanks to the wonders of the web.  I like to keep video slide shows under 4 minutes in length – and the closer to 3 minutes, the better.  Don’t forget that a buyer can pour over still photographs faster than they can sit through a video, hence my emphasis on brevity.

Right now, I’m working with slide shows and will be graduating to mixing video with stills in due course.  The transition will not be an inexpensive one and there is of course a learning curve involved.  (I’m already starting to climb that mountain.) In the meantime, I thought I would show what a simple slide show on Pro-Show Web can do.   These shows can be linked to the MLS listing, embedded in blogs and uploaded to YouTube, Pinterest, FaceBook to mention only a few social media sites.

The property is a listing of Phil Faranda’s of J. Philip Real Estate.  Its a great listing in Ossining NY that I photographed for him a week ago.  So if anyone has any questions regarding the listing specifically, he can be contacted at

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