Fotos On The Fly – Sights of the season – Cardinal in the Christmas Tree…

White Plains Felines
Fotos On The Fly – Sights of the season – By the fireside…
December 13, 2013
Winter Tree - Tarrytown
Fotos On The Fly – Sights of the season – A winter tree in a winter sky…
December 17, 2013

This is the 3rd installment of my “Sights Of The Season” series.  You can see the first two installments by clicking the links:  A cozy corner by the fire  and Holiday lights.

This was taken at H Carlson’s Florist a couple of weeks ago.  They decorate their trees like nobody’s business and its truly amazing how their creativity just makes shop so very unique.  Whatever the holiday or special occasion, you will always find something different at Carlson’s.

I love these cardinal ornaments because they are so pretty and so holiday -like that they really warm the heart.  I think they are quite simply  joyful! They also take me back to my childhood where my Grandparents had dozens of blown glass bird ornaments.  We had a big assortment in white, red and green. I don’t think they are very common today (as glass ornaments)  but I think the form is making a comeback – sans the delicate and easily breakable glass.  In glass or in any other medium, the birds seem to add such an old-fashioned charm to the tree when sprinkled liberally around.  Like these, they clipped on and as a kid – I just loved them.

Cardinal Christmas Ornament

When photographing businesses, I try to keep things as natural as possible. In other words, I keep things in their displays and avoid isolating products where possible. Probably because I think keeping what is for sale in its “context” helps give everyone a better feel for the type of store it is like.  When I was deciding what to do with this photo when I realized, it might actually be better in black and white with a spark of color.  It still allows the reader to see the ornament in its context and shows the aesthetic of the store, while still adding focus to the photo. Sometimes working with black and white and then adding back color is the best way to go for the effect that you want.


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