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December 20, 2013
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January 5, 2014
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Tarrytown local popup shop

Local Pop-Up Shop!

Ok – if you haven’t gotten all your gifts by now, you really are officially a “last minute” shopper!  But if you are in that bind – here are a few local merchants that I ran across at a pop-up shop  where I was hawking my fine art photos.  The shop was a part of Tarrytown’s 3rd Friday and was generously hosted by Jenifer Ross of the Watercooler in Tarrytown.

Here are some ideas for you if you haven’t already bought that last minute gift.  Or…for gift giving that is certainly in your future…

Shameless plug for Fotos on the Fly:

First – SHAMELESS PLUG – My photos make a great gift for people who are looking to fill a blank space on their wall.  You can see my photos at Fotos On The Fly.  You can also see examples on this blog.  I have many prints framed and matted – or simply matted, that I can get to you in time for Santa.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Hudson Valley:

If  you want to make a donation – you can follow the link.  At the pop-up-shop there were some awesome decorative boxes and candles. I bought a couple of candles which are great stocking stuffers. The photo at the top of this post is from that display.

Maypop – Elegant Accessories for Evening and Weddings:

Maypop had a vast assortment elegant hats that were truly one-of-a kind.  I’m personally not a hat person, but these were really tempting.


These days we have gone so digital that we forget the power of pen and paper.  The hand crafted cards and notebooks in this collection, are truly unique and make a terrific gift.

Squirrel Den Studio:

This was a very unique shop with cartoon t-shirts and mugs featuring cats and dogs whose personalities we’ve all come to love.  It captures the feline and canine badass personality perfectly.  Great gift – tremendous whimsey for the animal lover in your live.

The common thread is that all of these merchants are home-grown here in the lower Hudson Valley.  By supporting them, you are supporting your community far better than a trip to Target can do.  The money spent in one of these shops recirculates back into the community far more effectively than any big-box store.

So….Happy Holidays everyone…and shop ’till you drop – but PLEASE consider the local merchant. You are more likely to find something truly unique and you are supporting your community at the same time.

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