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The Tappan Zee Bridge - New Bridge Construction

The old TZ lies just south of the new TZ

Since 1955 the Tappan Zee bridge running from Tarrytown in Westchester County to Nyack in Rockland County has provided  a vital connection for the flow of traffic across the Hudson River.  An average of 140,000 vehicles cross the Tappan Zee daily.   Unfortunately, the original bridge was built to last a mere 50 years and so the Tappan Zee is well past its prime.  Realizing that the bridge was on borrowed time, the project to build a new bridge has been on the drawing boards for about a decade.  There were several models, tons of local issues, but the construction finally began in the summer of 2013.

Although the new bridge has been under construction since for over 18 months, physical signs of its presence have been a bit limited.   Finally a we are really starting to see the new parallel track that it is taking next to the old Tappan Zee.  I took the photo above because it gives a perspective on the old and new bridges.

The project is project to cost about $3.9 billion.  The northern span of the new bridge is scheduled to open in Dec. 2016 while the southern span is scheduled to open in April 2018.

This massive improvement in infrastructure is an example of strong commitment that both the private and public sectors have for the river towns along the Hudson.   This  is part of what would be considered a healthy re-development that will benefit all who live in these towns.

This is something that home buyers should always consider when purchasing a home.  Is there a strong commitment from private and public sectors to the area where they are buying into.  There are several such hotspots in Westchester county where we are at the beginning of a major growth surge.

Here is an interesting perspective of the old bridge just north of  access road.

Tappan Zee Perspective - 500px

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