Keep your home joyous AND safe during the holidays…

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December 9, 2016
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December 22, 2016

This is the time of year where many of us venture into the attic or closet, dust off the our holiday decorations and get the house ready for friends and family.  For some intrepid souls this is a massive project in which the entire house gets decked out.   For them, this  annual ritual is a labor of love.

Home safety matters during the holidays…

However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that there are about 15,000 “holiday-related” accidents a year that require a trip to an emergency room. This can certainly put a damper on what is supposed to be festive season. Certainly, we’ve all heard stories of fires caused by christmas lights or a tree that somehow caught fire. So, let’s keep it joyous _and_ safe.

We want a fire in the hearth, not the house…

  • Keep a foot of space between lighted candles and anything that could catch fire.
  • Avoid using staples or nails when hanging outdoor lights. (Use UL-rated clips or wires instead.)
  • Don’t create a Rube Goldberg nightmare with extension cords, or you could overload electrical circuits.
  • Unplug your tree and other holiday lighting before going to or leaving the house for an extended period.

Use common sense and everyone can enjoy the results of all that hard work safely and have a happy joyous holiday season!

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