Happy New Year – and apologies for recent web disruption…

Holiday Tree - Based on photo from Tarrytown
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all my readers…
December 22, 2016
Home in the Fisher Hill neighborhood of White Plains NY, 10606
White Plains for single family homes? Residents give two thumbs up…
January 5, 2017

Just wanted to have some fun and take my Christmas composite and make it fresh for New Years.  I had fun with these this year. Hope you enjoy the result. The composite was taken from a shot I took of a tree one cold winter night in Tarrytown by the river.  And now, I  have almost a  year to create a new basic photo for a  new holiday season composite!

Happy New Year 2017

Meanwhile, for those who come to my site regularly, you will notice a dearth of posts. Also, if you tried to open my site recently, you probably had a difficult time. I apologize for these issues. The site itself was recently rebuilt to be cleaner, more modern and responsive to devices. There was a lot of reformatting of original posts (that is still not completely finished) that I had to address before posting much of anything new.

At the same time, I decided it was time to create a secure site for people searching for homes who were creating passwords. In other words, I converted from http to https. It was this latter change that created about a period of significant disruption where the site didn’t look “normal” or it would take over 10 seconds to load. This is now settling down. So please enjoy the site and new content will be coming along as soon.


Vectors used in the photos:
Streamers: courtesy of belchonock © 123RF.com
Balloons: courtesy of shchigol © 123RF.com
Champaign & Clock: courtesy of route55 © 123RF.com

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