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Homes in Fisher Hill - White Plains
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Home in the Fisher Hill neighborhood of White Plains NY, 10606

Home in the Fisher Hill neighborhood of White Plains

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When I first go out with home buyers, they often present me with a punch list of “must-haves”. More often than not, this list puts them well over any realistic budget. One of the biggest budget-busters on these lists is location. Many buyers have their sights set on tiny slivers of real estate where the seller’s market has turned into something of a feeding frenzy. When buyers find themselves priced out of these neighborhoods, they often put off their plans to buy.

The road less traveled…

Home in the Highlands neighborhood of White Plains NY, 10605

Home in the Highlands neighborhood of White Plains

In situations like this, I suggest that clients consider a slightly different location where things are more affordable. White Plains is generally doesn’t come immediately to mind, mostly because it is associated with the singles life and high-end condos for empty nesters. With the build up of the downtown, the fact that White Plains is home to many great residential neighborhoods seems to have been forgotten. But it wasn’t that long ago that the area was best known for its variety of single-family neighborhoods, both close-in and truly suburban.

White Plains has several benefits…

  • Although nothing in Westchester is a bargain, you can buy more house for less money in White Plains than in neighboring towns.
  • Because of its vibrant downtown and commercial base, property taxes are considerably lower than in surrounding municipalities.
  • Metro-North has some of the best connections to Grand Central in all of Westchester. 33 minutes by express train and more trains stop in White Plains than any other stop on the Harlem Line.
  • Because its a city, there is a large infrastructure at your disposal. A vibrant downtown, strong extracurricular activities in the schools, and a very active department of recreation and parks.

White Plains residents speak out…

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some comments from the  Moms Of White Plains NY FaceBook Page

Lesley Kopp Freidman who grew up in Scarsdale wrote:

I looked at other…towns when we were looking for a home, but we ended up in WP and I couldn’t be happier. The diversity is amazing. The rec. dept offers so many affordable activities including soccer, basketball, etc. The local restaurants shops and parks are all friendly and with a child in high school, there are even greater opportunities. Go White Plains, go!

Liz Matier Interligi wrote:

My daughters just started ice skating lessons today at Ebersole and the LOVED it. There were two instructors per class and after 30 minutes all three of them were cruising around the rink like pros!

There was more input from Michele Edelstein who said:

I couldn’t imagine raising my boys anywhere but White Plains. Great diverse school district, the countless classes offered through Parks and Recreation, and our great restaurants and shopping.

Kristine Hooks Holden emphasized academics and the schools saying:

The public schools have a new enrichment program for K-1 grades where every class gets a short term push in (STEM projects). Upper grads have small group enrichment opportunities in visual reasoning and math…At all grades, there is a very strong arts and music program…The high school has an incredibly rich array of course offerings and extra- curricular (activities). The Trove (the children’s library) at the White Plains Public Library is a great resource. As the kids age out of the children’s room, there is an innovative teen space at the library as well.

Home in Gedney Farms - White Plains NY 10605

Home in Gedney Farms White Plains

To get a better feel of all the programs discussed above that are offered by White Plains, feel free to download this copy of the  White Plains Fall-Winter Guide.

The point here is that many cities and towns that are not in the “hot zone” for single family homes have a great deal to offer. Postponing a purchase because you can’t afford a home in a red-hot neighborhood or town is often self-defeating when you can cover most of your must-have’s by crossing into the next town.

Note: The photos in this post are representative of several White Plains residential neighborhoods.

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