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Saving space with built-ins

Brown living room with wooden book shelf

Whatever happened to living large? 

It doesn’t seem so long ago that living large was something you just did. The bigger, the better. Houses were getting blown up and blown out. Palatial kitchens and great rooms dwarfed traditional living spaces. Bathrooms bigger than your average NYC studio were taken for granted. It all came with finishes and fixtures designed to knock your socks off. If we couldn’t afford it all, we simply took out a bigger loan.

Then 2008 happened…and you know the rest of the story…

Today bigger isn’t necessarily better. Homes with a smaller footprint in walkable neighborhoods on smaller lots are the new normal. We can no longer afford to tack that extra square footage onto a mortgage payment. And even if we could, lenders have learned that writing blank checks to anyone who can fog a mirror is a bad idea.

For downsizing empty nesters and first-time buyers this begs the question…

How does one live large in half the space?

Mostly it comes to using every square inch to your advantage. For many, purchasing a home that needs a bit of work represents an opportunity to reclaim wasted space. Don’t be afraid of having to make the space your own. See the need to make changes as a way to add value while making the space more enjoyable for you.

Downsizing families face the issue of what to do with all the “stuff” they have accumulated while adjusting to about half the space they are accustomed to. The process can be hard, but in many ways, liberating.

Clever use of built-ins and making practical use of nooks and crannies…

Reading nook with shelvesBuilt-in Shelves…

This corner reading nook to the left was empty space. The homeowner added shelves and a comfortable chair to create a reading nook that looked great and turned dead space into a creative working space.

Ceiling Shelves…

When in a smaller space, think vertical and take advantage of empty vertical space  that would normally not be used.

Corner Shelves…

Little corner nooks and crannies ( can provide  a stylish way to create more space.

These are just a few ideas for getting the most from your space. I also have a Pinterest page called Nooks & Crannies, that has lots of ideas for smaller spaces.  So have fun browsing. and I think you will find that you can live larger than you think in a smaller space.

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