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March 7, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Home buyers in a seller’s market seem to be living in a sea of hype. It’s the product of a hot market.

Yesterday, I saw an advertisement from a  major real estate web platform hawking a “listing alert” to help you find the “perfect home” at the price they wanted.  The spin sounded great. The home buyer in the commercial said that by signing up for listing alerts her family was able to snatch up the perfect home below market value in the neighborhood they wanted. The implication was that this allowed them to get a foot in the door fast and first! What does this imply?

It suggests that if you sign up for listing alerts you will have early access to the listing…

WOW! That’s quite an assumption. But there it is. They are suggesting that this will get your foot in the door before other competing home buyers know about this bargain.  Just one problem:  Almost every buyer online or with an agent is signed up for listing alerts.

If you are signed up for such a list, you are one of many, if not hundreds of potential buyers who will be informed “first” all at the same time!

What happens when all these people start making showing appointments and offers?

Yep! The price goes up. They listing agent or seller may raise the price or they will go to highest and best and require all interested buyers to put in their best offer by a certain day and time. Underpriced homes don’t stay that way in this type of market.

The internet has become the great equalizer…

There is no secret stash of bargains and if there is one lurking out there that is truly underpriced, it is brought out into the open the second it goes online.  When buyers contact me about an amazing bargain that just came online, I’ve learned to skeptical. There is always a catch. Either the home needs extensive work or it was deliberately underpriced to start a bidding war. Whatever the reason, in this type of market, an underpriced home is generally being swamped with buyers in very short order.

Westchester housing prices are rising…

Housing prices are going up. If you want to know the reasons why, you can see my post on why the Westchester housing market is on its way up. The bottom line is that I don’t see that changing any time soon.

How should home buyers maneuver this market?

With higher prices and a more competitive market, we tend to get a lot of hype about inside tracks and getting what you want for less. Listing alerts are important so home buyers know what’s out there when it hits the market. But that’s all its good for. The rest is just hype.

If you are truly serious about purchasing a home, feel free to talk to me. I’m a no-hype, down-to-earth agent that helps home buyers find a home at the best price and terms the current market will bear. You can  text, call, or email. I have nothing fancy to offer other than down to earth information and realistic methods that have stood the test of time!

And finally…The good news…

Rising prices are only bad while you are in the process of buying. Once you are a home owner, its all good!

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