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April 1, 2017
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April 18, 2017

Larchmont NY is a village and a PO located in the town of Mamaroneck. Larchmont is one of the destination villages in Westchester county that everyone is talking about, and with good reason.

Many NYC transplants are looking for walkable communities and finding that these are few and far between. But in terms of walkability, Larchmont is probably one of the best picks of lower Westchester. My late father, who lived in Larchmont for 27 years, called it the borough in the burbs, due to the easy walkability and access to NYC.

The neighborhoods are mature with tree-lined streets and plenty of side walks for foot traffic. Most residents can leave the car behind for daily errands and even eating out. There is a great deal of old-world charm since many of the homes are from the pre-war era. Most of these homes have aged gracefully as the homeowners have tended to modernize them over the years.  So home owners can often find a house that gives them the best of the old and the new.

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Commuting by Metro-North…

The  small size of the village and PO makes walking to the train doable for most. There are a few more remote spots in the Larchmont PO (as opposed to the village proper) where walking daily to Metro North might not be practical. Slightly less walkable are also the homes in Larchmont Manor, which is on the Long Island Sound and is almost a market unto itself.  So, home buyers have to take things on a case by case basis when looking for a home.

 Schools Serving Larchmont and Larchmont PO…

Chatsworth Avenue School  – serves the village of Larchmont
Murray Avenue School  – serves the Larchmont PO
Hommocks Middle School – serves the town of Mamaroneck
Mamaroneck High School  – serves the town of Mamaroneck has rated all four schools with an A+. Niche rates many components and does not go strictly by scores.  rates exclusively through test scores. Chatsworth Avenue School is rated 6 out of 10, Murray Avenue gets a 10 out of 10, while Hommocks and Mamaroneck HS both rate 8 out of 10.

Larchmont housing market stats…

Please note that these numbers include both the village of Larchmont and the Larchmont PO. They tend to be thought of as the same community and so it makes more sense to do it this way. For those who want to view these two regions separately, I have two web pages that offer separate statistics,  Larchmont Village Housing Stats and Larchmont PO Housing Stats.

All stats were taken from the HGMLS (Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service). The sales stats below show that this market has been surprisingly resilient. After a strong bull run since 2010, prices took a bit of a breather on 2016, but median prices still settled above 2014 levels and sales volume was up substantially (more than 24%) over 2015 indicating a very strong and healthy housing market. The breather the market took in price hikes from the 2015 is good sign that this market is not entering bubble land.

Median Sales Price for Larchmont NY Homes


Larchmont SF homes sales volume

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