Photogenic NYC – Our “River Town” to the south…

Blue Heron at the Rockefeller Preserve
Photogenic Westchester – A blue heron takes flight at the Rockefeller Preserve…
June 28, 2017
Developers are building like crazy – but not what people need…
July 2, 2017

This article was originally posted in 2014.

Coming from Westchester and being a “Hudson River watcher”, I often find myself looking south towards the NYC skyline. Westchester residents often mention the easy commute as one of the biggest perks of living here.  But we often see ourselves as set apart from the city.  But if you think about it, its only county and city lines that compartmentalize the river towns into city vs suburb. Although areas to our south are denser than the smaller villages of Westchester, they still share a certain river-town character with their northern neighbors in Westchester.

I have a couple of friends living on the upper west side.  One of them has an amazing apartment with a view.  When I go outside on her deck, it feels like I am overlooking the Hudson in Westchester.  There always seems to be a nice breeze coming off the river and there is a sense that nature is valued. Roof-top gardens may replace rolling lawns, but the feel is similar.

I took this photo at dusk on a windy evening.  Everything looks different at dusk.  The pre-war architecture mixed with more modern fare give the upper west side its unique feel.

nyc - upper west side -

For those interested in the technical, I didn’t have a tripod, so the ISO was raised to 1600 on aperture mode  with an  f 8.0.  I used a filter to recreate the sense of movement that was in the air from the wind.
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