The remnants of hurricane Irma…

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The remains of Hurricane Irma in White Plains NY

The remains of Hurricane Irma in White Plains NY

What was left of hurricane Irma has been working its way through Westchester NY. It’s amazing to think that this weather front that produced some interesting cloud formations and light rain in White Plains was such a deadly force down south. I was on the road with only my iPhone, but managed to pause and shoot this photo of the cloud formations behind a house in the Gedney Farms neighborhood in White Plains.

Let’s be glad that hurricane Irma is now but a few clouds and a terrible memory…

The remains of Hurricane Irma in White Plains NY

The remains of Hurricane Irma in White Plains NY

Just an FYI:

For those who don’t know Westchester very well, this IS from a residential neighborhood in White Plains. I know must home buyers who currently live outside Westchester think of White Plains as a city of nothing but high-rise buildings. Yes, we have them in our downtown. But there are many nice suburban neighborhoods in the city.  For those who feel priced out of the single family home market, this may be a viable alternative. The taxes and home prices are lower than some of the other hotspots for single family homes.

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