Living in White Plains NY – Residents speak out…

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March 24, 2018
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May 24, 2018

Many people ask me what living in White Plains NY is like. After all, I’ve talked enough about White Plains in the past. In a previous post, I discussed how affordable White Plains NY was. When compared to other popular local destinations. The cost of living for a single-family home is as much as 45% less than surrounding locations. That kind of savings is worth a second look.

As previously noted, the cities of Westchester have taken a back seat to the towns and villages in recent years. But it is the fact that these are cities, with the commercial tax base only a city can offer, that makes places like White Plains so much more affordable.

Perhaps the best way to know what it is like to live and raise a family in White Plains NY is to ask people.

Living in White Plains NY – Residents speak out…

Why residents love White PlainsSometimes, the best place to turn for input is social media. So, on a Facebook page dedicated to the Moms of White Plains, I asked  the following questions:

Why would you prefer White Plains, to one of the river towns? What is it about White Plains that makes it special? What makes White Plains a great place to raise a family? 

The responses were amazing. So I will not editorialize, but simply quote some of the answers I  received without commentary.

“Diversity, reality, wonderful people and school system.”

“The community events especially for my children, such as the 4th of July or the tree lighting, even the 1st Patty’s day parade.

“The schools where the principal and vice principal know every child’s name, the neighbors that have brought me dinner when I was sick… living in white plains and raising my family here.”

“City resources such as a great mall, a Nordstroms & Bloomingdales, community theater, 35-minute train ride to NYC many times/hour so for me- I got to keep some of the niceties of city life (I lived in Manhattan for 20 years before coming here).”

“A thriving downtown. Fabulous farmer’s market. Every major highway goes through here making it a very easy place to get to and from (I-95, 287, the Hutch, 684) (and) the Westchester Airport, the best little pearl of Westchester County is a 10-minute drive.”

“Good municipal services, snow removal happens quickly and really beautiful neighborhoods (we love Gedney Farms). Decent taxes.”

“Fantastic hospitals. (You are) near Greenwich Hospital, White Plains Hospital…Maria Fareri Childen’s Hospital, Burke Rehabilitation.” 

“Grand Central Station is a really nice station to go into/out of with great shopping. Compare this to Penn Station and Port Authority– just no.”  (Not going into NYC through Penn station matters to a lot of commuters.)

The people are nice! Very nice and I appreciate diversity, which we have. Very chill vibe, not materialistic. Very happy we chose to live here.”

“I live in WP ( my whole life) and teach in a River town. White Plains is a small city. Irvington is a village. I love both places for different reasons You just need to think about do you prefer city or village/town?”

“It’s (obscurity as a family town) is fine with me. Keeps it from becoming trendy. We all know what happens when a place is deemed hip by the New York Times.”

“The taxes are low (and there are also) many job opportunities here.”

“It’s just the best place. Great services, great people, great diversity. It’s not so small that you lack convenience. Like you can run to Target to buy a Hawaiian shirt for Hawaii day your kid didn’t tell you about. Many places to eat.” 

“Super commute to the city as you don’t have to live by a schedule… Trains run all the time during rush hours. Low property taxes.”

In summary…

From the schools to premier medical facilities, to the quick Manhattan commute, residents of White Plains NY love their small city. The friendliness, diversity, the fact that city services such as snow clearing were prompt and reliable all play a role in making life less hectic.  A better commute means more family time. Good snow clearing means that people can go about their business even following a major storm. Not having to travel to the city for great medical care is also a plus.

All of this is offered at a price point that is much lower than many of the surrounding villages and towns. With the new tax laws reducing deductions, it’s no wonder that newcomers to Westchester are looking to White Plains.

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