March 27, 2011
In defense of NIMBYs

In defense of NIMBYs – the rights of municipalities to map their own futures….

NIMBY is an acronym for “not in my back yard.” It is generally is a derogatory term used for retired busy-bodies who fight such laudable causes as affordable housing, cluster housing and increased density in their neighborhoods.
March 25, 2011
Scarsdale home in Greenacres 10583

Where in Westchester is Scarsdale NY?

Scarsdale NY is a township that is sandwiched in the middle of the county. The central location means that it is indeed landlocked. But it also offers easy access to all points of the county and NYC.
March 19, 2011
Harbor Island Park - Mamaroneck NY

Where in Westchester is Mamaroneck NY?

Mamaroneck NY is a town located along the eastern portion of the county along the Long Island Sound.
March 16, 2011
Downtown White Plains NY - Parks and steel

Where in Westchester is White Plains NY

White Plains NY is one of the most centrally located municipalities in Westchester NY. As such, it is land-locked with no direct access to either the Hudson River or Long Island Sound. However, its central location means that you are never far from anything when you are in White Plains. The map below shows just how central that location is.
March 14, 2011
Know your numbers - the role of interest rates

Gathering vs disseminating – Information is only as useful as the ability to interpret it.

Many buyers - particularly younger buyers - are obsessed with amassing as much information as they can before making a decision to purchase a home. I sometimes call the "paralysis by analysis."
March 13, 2011
Lighthouse Landing - Sleepy Hollow NY 10591

Fotos on the fly – The Westchester River Walk by Hudson Harbor – Tarrytown NY

The River Walk is an ambitious plan to create a linear park and walking trail along the Hudson River that extends from the northern tip of the county in Peekskill to Yonkers at the border of the Bronx. This portion has just been constructed. I was there a couple of years ago before the plan had come to life.