December 21, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Stepping out of the spin zone – Part II – One possible solution to what ails us.

Initially, I was going to put this all into one single post on real estate services and how to improve them. But the last post on what ails the real estate industry was too long
December 20, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Stepping out of the spin zone – Part I – What ails the real estate industry?

Real estate services are far from what they should be in many cases. I decided to post these concerns here in the hope that it will create more transparency and afford the public an explanation
December 17, 2010
White Plains - Christmas Lights - Red Door

Westchester Christmas Light Displays – White Plains NY & Westchester Video (Fotos on the Fly)

Some Christmas light displays from White Plains NY in Gedney Farms as well as a video of lower Westchester Christmas light displays from this year and the past.
December 14, 2010
Happy Holidays - Broadlawn Entry during Holidays

Westchester Christmas Light Displays – Tarrytown NY (Fotos on the Fly)

The Westchester Christmas Lights displays are now starting to "mature." Homes and businesses which were obviously works in progress last week have now bloomed into major displays.
December 14, 2010
Shopping Westchester

Bark & Meow of Tarrytown – All decked out for the holidays….

Westchester has its share of unqiue boutiques and Bark & Meow of Tarrytown is the perfect place to find a great gift for your favorite canine or feline member of the family.
December 14, 2010
Shopping Westchester

Larchmont Wine Store – Wine Tasters on Chatsworth Ave in the Village of Larchmont

Wine Tasters - a local wine store with an excellent selection in the heart of the village was there…way back in 1933. And was ready for the legalization of alcohol with the 477th liquor license issued in New York State.