August 31, 2010
Downtown White Plains NY - Trump and Park

What’s up with the listings at Trump Tower White Plains?

Late last week, I logged onto the MLS and received quite  a surprise.  No less than 10 new listings at Trump Tower and an additional 3 […]
August 25, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Know Thy Neighborhood – It really does matter

No, your agent doesn't have to be local - but your agent does need to have local knowledge.
August 24, 2010
Downtown White Plains NY - Parks and steel

White Plains NY Housing Market Statistics –Second Quarter 2010

White Plains New York homes have been following patterns seen throughout county with Westchester county homes for sale continuing to drop in value. Sales volume was up during the period that the tax credit was in place.
August 24, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Colorful Solution to Lock Box Blues –

picture yourself at a condominum complex with an agent. The agent is facing a series of 10 seemingly identical lockboxes and needs to fish out three sets of keys in order to show you - the buyer - three units in the same building. Now ...the agent must return the keys to the proper lock box - does anyone else see the potential for confusion here?
August 18, 2010
Village Views - Scarsdale NY 10583

Scarsdale NY Housing Market Statistics – Second Quarter 2010

The Scarsdale housing market is mirroring other markets with lower Westchester NY. Real Estate Scarsdale NY represents two separate markets. One that is improving and the other that is either declining or hold steady:
August 15, 2010
Tarrytown NY - vintage architecture

Tarrytown NY – The “Wish Tree”

Suddenly - right in front of me is this tree. It's an ordinary tree like all the others on Main Street. I looked at the pieces of paper and they all had writing scribbled on them. Each note began with "I wish." Then on the trunk of the tree was a little box which held the paper pieces and a pen - and on the box it said "Wish Tree."