April 28, 2010
Village Views - Scarsdale NY 10583

Scarsdale NY Housing Market Statistics – First Quarter 2010

The Westchester NY real estate market has been in turmoil...since the stock market crash of 2008. A few areas in the county are starting to see minor price increases. Real estate in Scarsdale NY is one such area.
April 25, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Real estate agents embrace social Darwinsim – the unending quest to “thin the herd”

There have been several recent blogs about the war between part-time and full time agents....Each camp is armed and dangerous - and with fewer sales to go around - the goal is the extinction of competition...
April 24, 2010
The County Center of White Plains NY

White Plains NY Housing Market Statistics – First Quarter – 2010

Westchester NY real estate has been heavily impacted by the financial storm of 2008. In some areas, the storm continues to brew and in other areas - there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. White Plains NY homes are no exception to the rule.
April 20, 2010
Cherry Trees on Mamaroneck Ave in Spring

Surreal Spring in Westchester – Photos from Mamaroneck Ave – White Plains NY

over the past few days we have had the most brilliant and colorful blossoms against a background of dark cloud cover. The light filters through the dark clouds creating an eerie and often surreal effect.
April 17, 2010
Just for fun...

Freaky Friday – The Singing Hippo & Dancing Dog..

Happy Friday – a day  late.  Someone sent me a link to  the full  version of this.  My friend thought it was really cute -but couldn’t […]
April 9, 2010
Real Estate Issues

For the real estate buyers market – these are the good old days

How I stole a house in 1996: The year was 1996 and willy nilly I found myself thrown into the housing market. There were no incentives out there, no $8000 tax credits, interest rates were hovering between 7-8%. The country was MIRED in a real estate recession that seemingly had no end.