March 15, 2009
larchmont in snow

The village of Larchmont in a snow storm…

Larchmont NY (town of Mamaroneck) is one of those wonderfully cozy villages that reminds me of more of the "old world" then the east coast of the United States. The following pictures are a reminder that the even this very difficult winter of our discontent and fear had its share of beauty and charm.
March 13, 2009
Just for Fun in Winter

Freaky Fridays – The financial meltdown is fodder for comics

When Barack Obama won the election , I was foolishly concerned for the welfare of the comics. I figured that many comedians would be polishing their resumes and looking for day jobs. Let's face it, whatever you think of Obama - its obvious that he doesn't offer anything close to the amount of canon fodder that George Bush regularly and generously provided.
March 8, 2009

The Lower Westchester Housing Market – Buyers Market, Not Fire Sale

Although we are in the middle of a major housing market correction, many buyers are still in despair over housing prices in Westchester. They hear tales […]
March 5, 2009
Do I need a buyer's agent?

Why do I need a buyer’s agent if I find the home myself?

This is the single largest financial transaction that people make. Do you really want to enter into such a transaction unrepresented? Let me make this point crystal clear: Unless you have a buyer's agent representing you in your home purchase, you will be unrepresented during the negotiation process. Further, chances are, you are up against a pro who has a fiduciary obligation to represent their client - the seller.
March 1, 2009
Storms in Tarrytown NY

Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow NY, Housing and Market Statistics for Fourth Quarter 2008

Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow have been in the midst of a buyer's market for some time. This has been particularly true of the single-family home market in the area. But single family homes had a volume consistent with 2007 levels - significantly down from the boom era, but not the grim dip seen in other sectors. It might be an early indication that that particular sector is starting to stabilize.Of course it is way too soon to say anything definitive. Market bottoms are always judged with 20/20 hindsight!
February 28, 2009
Larchmont - Long Island Sound

Larchmont NY, Housing and Market Statistics for Fourth Quarter 2008

Larchmont is one of the few areas that has, in some sectors, escaped the worst of the bear housing market - at least for the time being. Single family homes in Larchmont have been particularly resilient. Cooperatives have undergone a mild price correction, but compared to other parts of Westchester, Larchmont is on firmer footing.