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Real estate related or not – this is just for fun. Because even though buying or selling a home is hard, it should never be boring…

February 1, 2011
Jade & Tundra - Siberian Huskies in snow

Fotos On the Fly – Westchester NY – Siberian Husky Heaven???

my dogs have an entirely different take on this weather than the rest of us. Although this season has been rough on people, its kind of amazing to see Siberian Huskies in what is as close to their natural habitat as we are going to get unless I move next door to some Emperor Penguins. They truly love and really built for the snow!
January 30, 2011
Real Estate Issues

A lock box speaks out: Stop this abuse!

I'm a lock box and I've literally been left out in the cold. With my push buttons frozen solid, its almost impossible for me to do my job.
December 2, 2010
Jade & Tundra - Siberian Huskies in snow

Fotos On the Fly – Tundra

There is always a mover and shaker in any group and in our little pack - Tundra fills that role. If there is a roll of toilet paper extending all through the house - it is a fair guess that Tundra is responsible.
October 24, 2010
Puppy With Pumpkins - Happy Halloween

For Dog Lovers Everywhere – Dog O’ Lanterns

Some things just come across my desk or into my email in-box that are just too cute not to share.  This is one of them.  They […]
September 3, 2010
Trust - A broken link

Freaky Friday – My Favorite Real Estate Videos…

Making fun of real estate agents appears to be a favorite indoor sport of many. But of all the videos out there that make fun of agents - these two are favorites.
August 24, 2010
Real Estate Issues

Colorful Solution to Lock Box Blues –

picture yourself at a condominum complex with an agent. The agent is facing a series of 10 seemingly identical lockboxes and needs to fish out three sets of keys in order to show you - the buyer - three units in the same building. Now ...the agent must return the keys to the proper lock box - does anyone else see the potential for confusion here?