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November 30, 2011
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Meet the new real estate agent….same as the old agent…..

One agent is as good as another, so if one doesn't "perform" then we just move on to the next. Commoditization of the work force seems to be the order of the day - so it is somewhat natural that buyers and sellers would treat real estate agents the same way.
November 16, 2011
Having your Cake

Cake & Ice Cream vs Meat & Potatoes

Buyers are making a beeline for the units where everything is new, new, NEW!!! They want to be blown away....and that is a mistake in my opinion.
November 12, 2011
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Local is as local does – are agents overdoing it with the “local expert” mantra?

This is a tough topic for me to address objectively. However, I have seen many blogs recently from agents touting their expertise as "local experts". Meanwhile, I'm also seeing quite a number of other agents bragging about the number of listings that they have.
November 11, 2011
Staging Decorating

Beat The Odds: Five MORE Easy Tips For A Better-Showing House This Fall

you don't have to be selling your home to want to make it look its best. So without further introduction - here is Marie with some more tips:
October 26, 2011
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“But I don’t want to ‘settle!’ This is a buyers market – I should be able to get everything I want!

In the last few months I have heard variations on this statement in various forms and guises. Truth be told ever since I've been in this business I've noticed the same trend. Everyone seems to want about $50-$100k more than they can possibly afford.
October 24, 2011
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The Renting Bubble – You think its smarter to rent than to buy? The numbers say you are wrong!

Right now we've got a renting bubble. At this point it is almost as irrational as the housing bubble of 2005. Just as scarfing up McMansions with no money down loans was irrational - now many potential buyers are obsessed with renting